Alex Meyer-Gleaves

Using REST in NAnt with a custom HTTP Task

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I needed to make HTTP requests to a REST web service from a NAnt script today so I knocked up a custom task. The HttpClient class from the WCF REST Starter Kit that I blogged about previously came in handy to offload most of the heavy lifting, leaving me to worry about the task related…

C# wrapper for the Google AJAX Language API

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Introduction The Google AJAX Language API allows you to perform text translations using a REST based web service API. Being an AJAX targeted API the web service returns a JSON formatted response that is easy to work with in JavaScript. Working with REST web services and JSON responses in C# is also easy. I decided…

Introduction to the HttpClient

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Introduction The WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2 includes a set of classes designed to simplify interaction with REST web services. The communications are performed using the HttpClient class with the help of other types from the Microsoft.Http namespace. These types can be found in the Microsoft.Http.dll assembly located in the Assemblies…