Alex Meyer-Gleaves


The next time you have a few minutes downtime be sure to check out RoboZZle, a cool little Silverlight game that requires very basic programming skills.

RoboZZle is an online puzzle game that challenges players to program a robot to pick up all stars on a game board. The game mechanics are simple, yet allow for a wide variety of challenges that call for very different solution approaches. - The creator of the game, Igor Ostrovsky.

If your super keen you can keep up with the latest RoboZZle happenings on the blog and forums. Here is a screen capture taken from the blog to give you a feel for it.

The RoboZZle Designer


Alex Meyer-Gleaves

I'm a software architect living in Australia (that island like continent in the southern hemisphere). I love Microsoft .NET and C#. I hate early mornings and bad drivers.