V1.0.12 Update

Published on Sunday, June 26, 2011

A V1.0.12 update release of is now available for download from CodePlex. Like the previous update, this one contains a few bug fixes and one new feature. This update is made available to you courtesy of user contributed patches. A big thank you to users BartKoelman, cjberg, jamaica and MrGlover for their contributions.


  • Added a new AutoSetSpecifiedPropertiesDecorator to automatically set the **_Specified property to true when setter on matching property is called. Obviously this will only work when the Properties option is used.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced the number of times menu visibility is updated in the SelectionEvents.OnChange event to help prevent OutOfMemoryException inside EnvDTE.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in OnTypeNameChanged method of MessageContractConverter.
  • Improved validation of namespace identifiers. The original implementation only allowed ASCII letters among other deficiencies, even though C# allows most Unicode letters in identifiers.
  • Data contract generation - choice element name incorrect in generated class (
  • Incorrect XmlTypeAttribute for same-named types in different namespaces (
  • Patch for NullReferenceException on inline XSD (
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